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Menage presents The Pocket Score Company at Carriageworks

Musica Viva’s Menage series invites you to join us at Carriageworks for trains, montage, beats and harmony.

Come along and witness the combining forces of four-part vocal harmony, live electronic mixing and train-themed visuals for Ménage’s second concert at Carriageworks. The concert will feature the all-male vocal ensemble, The Pocket Score Company, performing works from the Renaissance, Medieval and Baroque periods electronically manipulated live on stage. The concert will also feature visuals by award-winning visual artist Adam Dewhirst. The renovated rail yards with their distinctly 19th-century industrial feel is the perfect venue to share in what will be a truly unique listening experience. Don’t miss out!

David Yardley countertenor
David Mackay tenor
George Brenan tenor
Ian Blake bass

Jen Sochackyi sound engineer
Adam Dewhirst video artist